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October 16, 2014


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I try to prep greens that way, but often I don't then I waste time doing it every day instead of just doing it the first day! Argh. Isn't it funny how we do these things? It al looks yummy.


Thanks Amanda! I know what you mean - if I don't do it as soon as it comes home from the market, it doesn't happen.


We've bought our first pomegranates. I must get them peeled for salad. I love adding them for that sweet/sour burst of flavour. We had lots of tomatoes (not from the garden) and so made a tomato, sweet potato and split pea soup. But love them roasted too it really improves the flavour. Your smoothy is an unusual combination to me but one I would like to try some time. Thanks for sharing all your hints and tips especially the one about cinnamon. Now it's turned cold we don't have a problem with them but it's useful to keep in mind.
Have a fruitful weekend,


It all looks lovely and delicious! And thanks for the tip on cinnamon. Welcome to the hop!


thanks Erin!


Thanks Deb! I was so happy to find something that seems to work without any noxious chemicals in my kitchen. That soup sounds delicious!

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